José Ledesma
Glockengasse 8
8001 Zurich

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday
11:30 to 24:00

Phone reservations
+41 442 21 12 62

Served between 11.45 am and 2 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm


Ensalada verde 10
Green Salad  
Ensalada mixta 12
Mixed Salad  
Salpicón de Marisco 19
Small seafood salad  


Consomé al Jerez con huevo 10
Sherry broth with egg  
Cocktail de gambas 19
Prawn cocktail  
Gambas al Pil-Pil 23
Sizzling prawns in garlic, chilli and olive oil  
Carpaccio de cordero con aceite de trufas y parmesano 23
Lamb carpaccio with truffle oil and parmesan cheese  


Tortilla Española 25
Spanish omelette with potatoes, onions and mild peppers  
Tortilla „Riojana“ 26
Spanish omelette with potatoes, onions and chorizo (spicy dry sausage)  

Fish and seafood

Calamares a la Romana 30
Crisp fried squid rings  
Gambas peladas con arroz o espinacas 48
Seared prawns served with rice or spinach  
Rape a la plancha con arroz o espinacas 45
Grilled Monkfish with rice or spinach  
Lucioperca a la plancha con arroz o espinacas 42
Grilled zander with rice or spinach  
Atún a la plancha con arroz o espinacas 45
Grilled tuna with rice or spinach  
Parillada „Mediterranea“ con arroz 52
Selection of grilled fish and seafood served with rice  
Lo que el mar nos da 45 - 52
The daily catch  


Filetitos de Ternera con ensalada mixta 36
Veal escalope with a lemon sauce served with mixed salad  
Chuletas de cordero „Avila“ con patatas o espinacas 40
Avila lamb cutlets served with potatoes or spinach  
Entrecôte (de Argentina) „Taverna“ con guarnición 48
Rib-eye steak (from Argentina) with seared mushrooms and a side dish of your choice  
Solomillo de buey (de Argentina) con pimiento marrón y guarnición 52 
Beef fillet (from Argentina) with mild peppers and noodles  

Extra side dishes

Patatas, Verduras, Espinacas, Arroz o Pasta  5 
Potatoes, mixed vegetables, spinach, rice or noodles  
Only served between 6 pm and 09.30 pm  
Zarzuela de Pescado y Marisco 48
Fish and seafood casserole with rice  
Paella Valenciana, con pollo y marisco (a partir de 2 personas 48
Spanish rice speciality with seafood and chicken (for 2 people or more)  

For children

Filetitos de ternera con pasta o patatitas 17
Grilled veal escalope with noodles or potatoes  
  • Origins of our meat
  • Iberico meat specialities: Spain
  • Veal: Switzerland
  • Beef: Argentina
  • Lamb: New Zealand
  • Chicken: Switzerland / France